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28.1.2014-23.2.2014 - Offline (travelling)

1. 8. 2012

Call for papers! Non-human in Social Science III: Past Trajectories - Future Prospects More info here

15.-16.10. 2011

First Critical Animal Studies Conference in the Czech Republic, second in Europe! RECONFIGURING THE ‘HUMAN’/’ANIMAL’  More info here


Czech ‘veggie month’ spotlights a meat-free lifestyle  (I have been quoted) More info here

21. 6. 2011

Meeting of the group for animal protection of the Green Party will held place on thursday 30th July 2011 at 6 pm at Senovážné náměstí 2, Prague 1. More info here (only in czech)

9. 6. 2012

Veggie Parade - annual celebration of vegetarian and vegan lifestyle in Prague. More info here.

1. 6. 2011

Call for Papers for the Prague conference of Critical Animal Studies is now open!. More info here.

15. 4. 2011

Veggie Parade - big march in Prague celebrating the ethical way of life and respect to all living being - takes place on 14th May 2011.  More info here.

MY WEBSITE guide-post

At this website you can find links to internet projects I work on or I participate. I created these websites because of my own purspose (vegetarian cookbook, petition, academy field etc.), but you can find also the website I created for somebody else.

On the left side of this page you will find actualisations of particular sites (new recepie in cookbook, new term of nonsmoking seminar, open call for papers in Animal Studies field and so on.)








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